Violence Is Golden



01 – your pretty little head
02 – the new red scare
03 – pills
04 – c
05 – pills (brain damage mix by Marriott Incident)

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your pretty little head
don’t worry bout’ hate don’t worry bout’ love
cause’ i got enough to last
don’t lose any sleep don’t let it make you weep
don’t remember things from your past
don’t worry bout’ lies don’t worry bout’ ties
that were severed long ago
don’t worry bout’ cold don’t worry bout’ heat
don’t you worry
your pretty little head

papa gonna make it good papa gonna make it hot
papa gonna make it at your request
daddy gonna keep you warm daddy gonna keep you dry
daddy gonna swallow pills, he’s depressed
now he gonna step outside now he gonna let it slide
now he gonna escape all the shouting
and he gonna set up shop and he gonna make it drop
don’t you worry
your pretty little head


I work so hard on something that hardly works
Only have 4 ½ reasons to stay on earth
My presence is unwelcome here, at best
I could take all these pills and lay it to rest

No more questions come into my head
Just fantasies of closure if I’m dead
Images that keep me up at night
I could take all these pills and prove you right

Dreams of understanding, all decayed
The memory of justice, washed away
Battle scars tell stories on the wall
I could take all these pills and end it all

Hearing loss from voices up to ten
Feeling loss, since battered once again
Silence in my hands that I could keep
If I can just take all these pills and fall asleep


the new red scare
be scared of what you don’t know and half of what you do
look over your shoulder cause’ there’s someone watching you
terrorists are here, and they’re gonna slit your throat
you know how to thank me, so get out there and vote
stay inside your house and watch the CNN
threat levels will never see the color green again
world police uncover new terrorist plots
don’t ever get too comfortable, don’t let it leave your thoughts

it’s the new red scare
and it will keep you there

the fear campaign is gonna bring you to your knees
it crawls inside your mind and it takes hold like a disease
it keeps you from moving, it’s exactly what they want
just don’t move a muscle or you’re not a patriot
keeping your head filled with fear, diseases taint the sky
just consume the antidote, and maybe you won’t die
media and papers, the bombardment so intense
make no mention of stray thoughts that just might make some sense

it’s the new red scare
and it will keep you there




violence is golden
jeph huso – vocals, guitars, programming
all tracks recorded between september & october 2009 in phoenix, az.
creative commons copyright 2009, nano productions.
art direction – jeph huso
official release date: December 31, 2009