Stolen Time

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it’s not about money, it’s about control
control of my pain, control of your hole
what else am i supposed to think
when there’s no contact except to throw a drink?
it’d be so cliche to dream of your death
to anticipate your last breath
it’s all so simple
and i cannot see eye to eye with those sit-com insults
should have stayed in the dentist chair
root canal was more peaceful there
1.86 on the debit card
who’d have thought i should be on my guard?
in the door i return back home
screaming starts, man, who would have known?
it’s not about the money, like i said
it’s just the demon’s logic in her head
such a headcase, i feel it rubbing off
i’m still here when i should be taking off
it’s not that easy with shortys in the mix
wishing badly something could be fixed

+china doll+
china doll, i wanna remove you from your case
china doll, i wanna put a crack in your face
china doll, i wanna smell the paint on your skin
china doll, i’ll hold the barrel under your chin
your frame so petite
your face, oh, so sweet
i’d find it a treat, my china doll
brush away the hair
whisper in your ear
and witness your fear, my little china doll
china doll, your big brown eyes have got me transfixed
china doll, i wanna grip your hair in my fist
china doll, i wanna put your head through the wall
china doll, i wanna wreck you, body and soul

+lost in you+
“let’s go insane,” she hints, and took me by the hand
“i’ll show you things you’ve never seen upon this land
i’m in your brain, my image creeped in through your eyes
the windows to your soul, they tell me you’ve been living lies”
and my surroundings, they slowly fade to white
tunnel vision drops my worries completely out of sight
it only takes a second or two in time
no words have been spoken, because i’m lost in you
“she’ll never know,” the devil whispers in my ear
“everything has ended, and it’s all fair-game from here
don’t waste your time as opportunities deploy
it’s more honest to enjoy misery than be miserable with joy”
i shift my gaze and lock it back into that face
and focus on the future, where all of my sins will take place

+blunt force drama+
into the wall my head goes again
you’re beating me like the dead horse
what’s left of my soul is twisted, just like my brain
from psychopathic blunt force
you twist and you twist the knife and look in my eyes
you twist and you twist the truth and believe the lies
your fist to resist the duty that i complete
i insist it dismissed, and we should no longer speak
serves me right for trusting myself again
ignorance is such bliss
turn back the clock and start the stopwatch again
and take what’s left of my kids
square one is familiar territory
how have you been, my old friend?
it’s cold here, and dark, and very unforgiving
just don’t make the same mistakes again

+coming down again+
static in my head chemicals unfed
got to get me some equilibrium
blackouts come and go balance to and fro
in this chair i’ve been coming down again
burst of dizziness brain cogs are a mess
patience again fails hammers in the nails
now’s now, then is then in this lion’s den
chance is 1 in 10 coming down again
all that i’ve been through all because of you
long ago, the muse replaced with abuse
started with my son he’s come, now he’s gone
put paper to pen coming down again



01 – intro (love for beings all)
02 – hyrdocodone
03 – china doll
04 – lost in you
05 – blunt force drama
06 – coming down again

+maschine fetisch+  stolen time
jeph huso – vocals, guitars, programming
cory nelson – guitars
all tracks recorded between nov 2011 and sept 2012 in pasadena, ca & phoenix, az.
creative commons copyright 2012, nano productions.
photos courtesy of science
art direction – flacodogg
official release date: october 30, 2012